Hi! Iím Matt Ficner. Welcome to my website and thanks for taking a moment to read a little bit more about me. 

I have always been a creative and imaginative person. Since a very early age, Iíve been dreaming up all kinds of unusual things.  I could draw ever since I was able to hold a crayon. I could sculpt as soon as soon as I held a lump of PlayDoh in my hands.

I was a gifted child and Iíve been able to cultivate that creativity into a life long journey of imaginative projects and ultimately a fulfilling career.  

In 1990 I had the opportunity to work on a puppet television program at a local network station. That was the beginning of an amazing adventure and career for me.

In 1992, I formed my own production company and have been creating a wide variety of puppets, creatures, mascots, multimedia projects and countless other strange things ever since.

 I am fortunate to be involved in an industry that gives me opportunities to flex all of my creative skills.  I have often been described as a ďrenaissance manĒ and I suppose that is the best way to sum up all the things that I do. 


My skill set includes things such as:

-sculpting ( clay, stone, foams, additive and subtractive)

-painting ( dimensional, airbrush, oils, acrylics, spray-paint, faux finishing)

-design ( mechanical, logos & branding, conceptual, 2D and 3D, move & theatre staging)

-manufacturing ( costumes, props, puppets, mascots, animatronics, metal work, leather work)

-digital artist ( Photoshop, Corel Painter, Z Brush,  Corel Draw, Flash)

-performance ( actor, singer, puppeteer, voice artist, creature suits)

-make up FX ( prosthetics, practical distortion, body painting)

-professional haunter ( haunted attractions, scare scenes, event creator)

-media  works ( producer, director, writer, musician)

-post production ( editor, afterFX, Foley, soundtrack production)

-teacher / instructor  ( team building, workshops)

-and Iím sure a few other skills that canít really be categorized. You can also see my work RESUME here.

Many people find it hard to fathom that one person can do so many things, but I do. I have a diverse and broad knowledge of a wide variety of fields. I have been fortunate that my creativity has taken me around the planet working on TV, film, theatre and event projects as well as acting as an advisor for many different endeavours.

Of course there are many other things apart from my ďworkĒ that Iíve explored as well.  Iím a Reiki Master, ghost hunter and Iíve studied with shaman . For a time I was also a wedding officiator.  Iím forever curious about the world around us and having created this company has given me opportunities to continue to discover all the strange and fantastic things that abound on this planet!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. If you have a business, event or project that you would like to take to a whole new level, please feel free to email me through this website.  

light & laughter